IVIZ Institute is a young, private, non-profit, research and training organization established for the purpose of strengthening the non-formal segment of education and to bring innovative quality practice closer to the formal segment of education. IVIZ Institute tries to fill the gap between identified good, innovative practices in education and the school system and its representatives, therefore, we acts as a link between theoretical research and innovative practice in educational institutions (schools), and parents as well. We aim at collaborating with preschool institutions, primary and secondary schools, VET Institutions, local and regional authorities, universities, teacher-training institutions, research institutes and mostly with teachers, children and their parents. 

We are devoted to inspire and improve the educational system from within; therefor our extended staff consists mainly of teachers, dedicating their time to fulfil our goals. In addition to the founder and director of the IVIZ institute, Mrs. Ivana Majcen who is a teacher herself, we had three paid staff members in the last two years and a wide network of volunteers helping us to see through our main goal and aspiration, which is quality education for today's youth. 

The goal, vision and the IVIZ activities are:

- recognize challenges in modern education,

- recognize relevant topics and try to research and address them through different European projects,

- connecting the stakeholders in education - from macro to micro level,

- researching different issues related to education,

- interdisciplinarity – in the means of connecting professionals with pedagogues to give the best results for children and youngsters,

- Publishing house IVIZ – in the frame of which we publish quality literature for teachers and parents and didactic materials for children.


Current IVIZ’S projects focus on:

  • Supporting a healthy mental, emotional and personality development in children (BrainoBrain program)

  • Promoting the quality upgrade of the supportive environment for the development of children up to 7 years of age (within the Initiative PRIMOKIZ under the organization Step by Step)

  • Promoting personal development and wellbeing of young people through Storytelling (Erasmus+ project Once Upon Your Time)

  • Establish a system based in Positive Psychology that will support teachers in teaching pupils transversal competences through Gamification (Erasmus+ project Learn&Play – Home edition)

  • Rising awareness among youngsters, parents and teachers of safe online behaviour (Erasmus+ project Behind Sexting)

  • Working towards Ending Digital Inequality among adult population (Erasmus+ project EDI – Ending Digital Inequality)

  • Improving motoric skills through collaboration between parents and children (GIB2)

Recent IVIZ’S projects focused on:

  • Teaching English language through the Anglia Network System

  • Addressing multicultural issues (BONDS EU project, VSI SMO MIGRANTI project)

  • Addressing addiction issues in youngsters (CHOICE EU project)

  • Addressing youth violence (ICARO EU project)

  • Remembrance of the near Balkan History (EU project InRetstopect)

Mentoring students in developing a system of overcoming emotional and social distress in youngsters through creative expression (»Projektno delo z negospodarskim in neprofitnim sektorjem - Študentski Inovativni projekti za družbeno korist 2016 – 2018« in the framework of the operational program for the implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014 - 2020)

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